Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

We make hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of applications. The company´s complex technological facilities and sophisticated quality management system ensure the high quality of the hydraulic cylinders that it supplies. Our design engineering department works closely with the customer on development, so that the hydraulic cylinder has the optimal design for the specific operating conditions.

Our hydraulic cylinders are applied mainly in

  • hydraulic pressing and crushing machines
  • injection presses
  • curing presses
  • construction and road-building machinery
  • power generation equipment
  • municipal facilities
  • operating platforms
  • mining industry
  • agricultural and forest machinery

Manufactured types of hydraulic cylinders

  • single-acting – plungers
  • double-acting – differential and linear
  • single-acting telescopic cylinders with 2-5 stages
  • double-acting telescopic cylinders with 2-4 stages


  • maximum operating pressure of 320 bar
  • high-pressure hydraulic cylinders with operating pressure of 700 bar and maximum power of 400 tons
  • cylinder diameter of 20-350 mm
  • maximum cylinder stroke of 4.000 m


  • welded
  • bolted – heavy-duty range according to ISO 6022 up to 250 bar
  • pinned – light-duty range according to ISO 6020 up to 160 bar
  • cylinders also with integrated hydraulic locks or down-draft valves
  • with linear position gauging for sophisticated hydraulic circuit control
  • with dampening in end positions – fixed or adjustable

Materials used

Piston rods

  • standard rods of CK45 or 20MNV6 materials
  • surface-hardened CK45 or 42CrMo4V
  • heat-treated and chrome-plated in company operations
  • stainless AISI316, 329+Cr25microns


  • St52.3
  • 20MnV6
  • stainless quality grade 17240


  • from remowned manufacturers quaranteeing long durability

We design cylinders based on our own operating parameters and integrating dimensions or based directly on documentation supolied by the customer.

We repair hydraulic cylinders from Ø 25 mm to Ø 180 mm and a stroke of 2200 mm. We are capable of honing the working diameter of the cylinder and repairing the active diameter of the piston rod by hard chroming and replacing all seals. Each cylinder is subjected to a hydraulic pressure test.


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